KleanTip™ Air/Water Syringe Tip

KleanTip™ Air/Water Syringe Tip
Product Details

    The KleanTip Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips is the most cost effective way to eliminate cross-contamination caused by metal air/water syringe tip. KleanTip features a central water channel surrounded by six individual air channels, which guarantees instant switch between air and water while eliminating moisture contamination, and achieves optimal bonding performance. The KleanTip tips are made of clear plastic which do not obstruct the field of operation and allow users to determine whether the tip has been previously used. Compares to Sani-Tip.

    Compared to Sani-Tip®

    ● Consistent and instant dry air with no moisture contamination
    ● Clear and smooth disposable tip provides a clear view
    ● Rounded non-scratch ends for maximum patient comfort






    • SKU


    • ST-250 Type: Clear 250/pk
      Size: Standard 76mm
    • ST-250S Type: Clear 250/pk
      Size: Short 57mm
    • ST-1500 Type: Clear 1500/pk
      Size: Standard 76mm
    • ST-1500S Type: Clear 1500/pk
      Size: Short 57mm

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