Crown Prep Burs

Crown Prep Burs
Product Details

    Pac-Dent crown prep bur cuts quickly and smoothly through enamel without clogging with debris like amalgam, composite and other restorations during the bulk reduction task in crown preparation. These high performance crown prep burs are comparable to SS white® Great White™ Ultra series. Each package contains 5 pieces.


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  • CP856-016 Crown Prep Burs, 5 Burs/PK: CP856-016
  • CP856-018 Crown Prep Burs, 5 Burs/PK: CP856-018
  • CP847-016 Crown Prep Burs, 5 Burs/PK: CP847-016
  • CP379-023 Crown Prep Burs, 5 Burs/PK: CP379-023

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