iRootPro™ Wireless Endo Motor with Apex Locator

iRootPro™ Wireless Endo Motor with Apex Locator
Product Details

    The ergonomically designed cordless endodontic handpiece iRootPro provides unobstructed view and access during treatments. It features a large and user-friendly LCD display and a easy-to-clean control pad.

    ● Cordless endomotor with integrated apex locator
    ● 4 Working modes:
       Single endomotor
       Single apex locator (adjustable reference point)
       Endomotor + apex locator, independently
       Endomotor + apex locator, interactively
    ● Speed: 150-800 rpm; Torque: 0.6-4.0 Ncm; 10 Memories
    ● Reciprocating movement available, with adjustable angle ( 20-270°)
    ● Designed for both Right and Left hand user
    ● 90 mins fast charging, lasts for 50 canal treatments
    ● Optional bluetooth connection with iRoot Apex & Foot Switch
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  • CLE250 Kit: Universal Cordless Endo Handpiece sleeves, 250/pk
  • RPCL01 Kit: 1 x RootPro CL Cordless Handpiece unit

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