Intraoral Mixing Tips

Intraoral Mixing Tips
Intraoral Mixing Tips
Product Details

    Intraoral tips feature innovative color-coding system: simply match the colored intraoral tips with the corresponding iMix Grip mixing tips and dispense as usual. The intraoral tips will allow impression materials to flow easily into the delicate margins of tooth preparations, while keeping the materials bubble-free.

    Color-coding system
    Precise and easy dispensing






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  • PD-220 Type: Intraoral, clear tips, regular, 100/pk
  • PD-225 Type: Intraoral, yellow tips, for yellow HP mixers, 100/pk
  • PD-221 Type: Intraoral, clear tips, large, 100/p
  • PD-370 Type: Ribbon tips, 24/pk
  • PD-371 Type: Root canel intraoral tip, regular tip, clear 24/pk
  • PD-372 Type: Root canel intraoral tip, extra fine, clear 24/pk

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