iBrite® Take-Home Whitening Impression Tray

iBrite® Take-Home Whitening Impression Tray
Product Details

    iBrite’s Take-Home Whitening Impression Tray uses advanced compression silicone to provide a deep and form-fitting bite impression of your teeth. Settle your teeth in the non-toxic, latex-free silicone impression material to provide the most comfortable and secure whitening gel placement. Comes with a convenient storage case.

    ● Multilayer construction that secures impression material in place
    ● Low-profile custom mold for a tight and comfortable fit
    ● Custom fit that evenly spreads whitening gel over teeth for improved whitening performance

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  • IB-810 Type: iBrite® Tray silicone whitening tray with breathing holes with the storage cases, 10/pk
  • IB-811F Type: 1 X iBrite® tray with H2O2 whitening sponge w / breathing holes
  • IB-807F Type: 1 X iBrite® tray with pre-loaded sponges w / out breathing holes

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