iApron™ Patient Protective Apron

iApron™ Patient Protective Apron
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    This oversized knee-length apron provides patients with total protection below the neck from hazardous fluids and cross-contamination. Made from extra thick and fluid-resistant polyethylene, these aprons shield patients from contact with contaminants and body fluids. X-ray vests and other accessories may be worn over the apron to protect them from cross-contamination. iApron is recommended to be worn by patients before any procedure where sprays and splashes of fluids are expected.

    ● Oversized apron offers complete cross-contamination protection
    ● Made from extra thick and fluid-resistant polyethylene
    ● Includes built-in stainless steel bib holders

    ● One size fits all  




    Please note: Prices may vary depending upon regional differences and individual manufacturers’ policies. Before placing orders, please contact your authorized dealer or email us at info@pac-dent.com for pricing details. All sales of PPE products are final and not eligible for return due to Covid-19. 

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    • AP-01 Type: Patient Protective Apron, 27'' (W), 44'' (L),1 pc/bag

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