PacCem Plus™ Permanent Cement

PacCem Plus™ Permanent Cement
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    A new automix permanent cement system with an advanced formulation for use as a cavity liner or as a cement for orthodontic bands and dental prostheses. Transient flexibility during the initial cure prevents cement from cracking when strong pressure is applied to the freshly set material.

    It offers ease of handling and excellent reproduction of physical properties and setting characteristics. With its unique characteristics, including the ability to bond to dentin and prevent caries due to fluoride release, glass ionomer is the material of choice in many clinical situations, such as a luting agent, cavity liner or restorative.

    Good for inlays and onlays
    Permanent results
    Prevents enamel decalcification
    Bonds to dentin and enamel
    Caries protection
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  • PD-136 Type: 1 x 6 g PacCem Plus™ syringe, 15 x blue mixing tips
  • PD-131 Type: 30 x brown mixing tips, 1:1 ratio

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