TruTip™ Plus Colors Air/Water Syringe Tip

TruTip™ Plus Colors Air/Water Syringe Tip
Product Details

    Disposable air/water syringe tips with plastic exterior and metal interior. They are interchangeable with most metal tips, no conversion necessary. A groove in the tip ensures a snug locking fit so that the tip stays in place throughout the procedure. Does not damage O-Ring.

    Compared to Safe Tip® EZ

    ● Guaranteed dry air with no moisture contamination
    ● Interchangeable with most tips with no conversion needed
    ● Five air-core design for even air flow and increased efficiency
    ● Secure locking fit
    ● Stainless steel interior, clear plastic exterior


  • SKU


  • 108-150AST Type: Assorted Colors 150/pk
  • 108-1500AST Type: Assorted Colors 1500/pk
  • 108-150C Type: Clear 150/pk
  • 108-1500C Type: Clear 1500/pk

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