ProCore™ Dual Cure Core Build-Up

ProCore™ Dual Cure Core Build-Up
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    An antomix composite based core material designed for the easy fabrication of core build-ups. The core material is a dual-cure, fluoride-releasing resin core material available in natural (A3) shade, a contrasting blue shade, and opaque white. Intra-oral application tips are provided for precise, direct placement of core material. The core material releases fluoride to help reduce secondary caries. Dual curing and quick setting eliminates time-consuming layering of material and allows for easy bulk fill. This material is highly radiopaque and exhibits a short setting time without high heat generation.

    ● Superior stackability for ease of use
    ● Superior strength
    ● Cuts and wears like dentin
    ● 20-second cure with light
    ● Unique intraoral dispensing tips
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  • PD-323 Size: Intro pack: 1 x 5 0g cartridges (choose between A2 and blue), 15 x mixing tips, 1 x dispensing gun
  • PD-328 Size: Standard package: 1 x 50 g A2-natural cartridge, 10 x mixing tips
  • PD-325 Size: Standard package: 1 x 50 g blue cartridge, 10 x mixing tips
  • PD-225 Size: Yellow intraoral tips, 100/pk
  • PD-330 Size: 1 x dispensing gun, 25 ml cartridge. 1:1/2:1
  • PD-F1211Y   Size: 1:1, compares to MixPac®  yellow mixing tip, 48/pk

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