Opti-Tray Metal Reinforced Disposable Impression Trays

Opti-Tray Metal Reinforced Disposable Impression Trays
Product Details

    Opti-Tray Metal is a new line of Metal-Reinforced Dual-Arch disposable impression trays. The trays feature narrow but ultra-rigid stainless-steel wires in between the low sidewalls as well as thin and porous webbing, allowing superb detail-capture of anterior and posterior teeth with no distortion for a perfect bite registration.

    ● Stainless steel wire-reinforced and perforated sidewalls prevent distortion caused by biting
    Thin and porous webbing ensures accurate bite registration
    Wide impression area avoids impingement
    Ergonomic handle for easy placement and removal




  • SKU


  • M430 Type: Posterior, 50/pk
  • M431 Type: Anterior, 40/pk

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