ProAngle® Disposable Prophy Angle

ProAngle® Disposable Prophy Angle
  • Technical Details
Product Details

    Patented prophy angle that employs the same design as ProAngle Plus to ensure each prophy procedure only requires one angle to finish. ProAngle utilizes the same beveled gear design as ProAngle Plus for assured quality and performance.

    ● Patented 2nd generation gear design
    ● Runs smoothly without over-heating
    ● Latex-free cups




    • SKU


    • 247-144 Type: Soft Green Cup
      Qty: 144/box
    • 248-144 Type: Firm White Cup
      Qty: 144/box
    • 247-500 Type: Soft Green Cup
      Qty: 500/box
    • 248-500 Type: Firm White Cup
      Qty: 500/box

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