PacGlider Rotary Glide Path Files

PacGlider Rotary Glide Path Files
Product Details

    The new PacGlider glide path file is the ideal instrument for dentists that prefer engine-driven glide path files. All PacGlider glide path files have a tip size 16, with a .02 taper progressively increasing to .08 tapter at the end of the 19 mm cutting surface. Available in 21, 25, and 31 mm lengths.

    ● Reduces the risk for taper-lock and works faster and more efficiently than hand files
    ● Made of proprietary heat-treated NiTi wire
    ● Provides excellent flexibility, cyclic fatigue resistance, and shape memory




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  • GP0221 Taper: Taper .02
    Length: 21 mm
    Tip: #16
  • GP0225 Taper: Taper .02
    Length: 25 mm
    Tip: #16
  • GP0231 Taper: Taper .02
    Length: 31 mm
    Tip: #16

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