ProBlock™ Disposable Bite Blocks

ProBlock™ Disposable Bite Blocks
Product Details

    The ProBlock is a disposable bite block specifically designed to greatly reduce the potentional of cross-contamination between patients when using the panoramic x-ray machine. Each block is unit dose packaged, and is intended for single patient use only. 100 unit doses per box.

    ● Reduce the potential of cross-contamination
    ● Packaged in individual unit doses
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  • PD-700 Type: Fits Midwest and Ritter Panoral, J. Morita Versaview models
  • PD-730 Type: Fits Phillips, Den-Tal-Ez Panolite, Soredex
  • PD-760 Type: Fits Planmeca models
  • PD-785 Type: Fits Yoshida, Kaycor, Panoura
  • PD-790 Type: Fits Belmont X-Caliber models
  • PD-795 Type: Fits Panoramic Corporation
  • PD-710 Type: Fits Siemens OP 10 models
  • PD-720 Type: Fits Siemens OP 3 and OP 5 models
  • PD-740 Type: Fits GE Panolipse and Gendex models
  • PD-750 Type: Fits Yoshida, Kaycor Panoura models
  • PD-770 Type: Fits Panorex by Keystone, S.S. White
  • PD-780 Type: Fits Belmont Autopan FiAD

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