Type O Putty

Type O Putty
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    Type O Putty is a VPS impression material with ultra-high viscosity for maximum mechanical compression. A thixotropic, non-slumping putty material that minimizes distortion while providing a flexible-firm set, it can be used in conjunction with Pac-Dent Elements light body VPS material for the putty/wash technique. Type O Putty is formulated to push syringe material subgingivally for tissue displacement and accurate details. With excellent deformation recovery, Type O Putty is truly a superior value for instances when a higher viscosity tray material is desired and other mixing methods are unavailable.

    ● Excellent detail reproduction
    ● Pliable consistency
    ● Ultra high viscosity
    ● High tear strength
    ● Blends quickly and easily
    ● Easy removal from the patient’s mouth






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  • 001V Regular set: 2 x 300 ml jars (1 base+1 catalyst)

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