PacDesensitizer™ Desensitizer

PacDesensitizer™ Desensitizer
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    PacDesensitizer is recommended for desensitizing and pre-treating hyper sensitive dentin, enamel, cavity, and cervical areas. It chemically bonds to the surface of the tooth and down the sidewalls of the tubules; then cross-link to create an effective shield to lock out external stimuli and effectively eliminate post-operative sensitivity associated with restorations. PacDesensitizer’s HEMA-free formula is suitable for use with adhesives, cements, restoratives, amalgams, core build-up and temporary materials.

    ● Easy application
    ● Glutaraldehyde to seal the open dentinal tubules
    ● Triclosan for the reduction of bacteria
    ● Amino-fluoride for remineralization

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    • R1212 Type: 1 x 10 ml Bottle

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