ImplaKlean™ Implant Deplaquer/Scaler Set

ImplaKlean™ Implant Deplaquer/Scaler Set
Product Details
    Designed to fulfill the requirements of dental implant maintenance, ImplaKlean scalers are made of high-performance autoclavable carbon reinforced resin.
    The unique rigidity allows conventional resharpening and because of the unique resin material will not scratch abutment surfaces. The handles are ergonomically designed with color-coded silicone grips for comfort and easy identification. Each set includes three scalers ; optional sharpening stone is specifically chosen for optimal resharpening results.

    ● Unique resin material does not scratch implant surfaces
    ● Resharpenable with conventional methods
    ● Comfortable color-coded silicone grips
    ● 5 types to satisfy different scaling needs
    ● Optional sharpening stone for optimal resharpening results

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  • 168-01 Type: Intro pack (1 of each 4R/4L, H6/H7, 204S, LG1/2, BH 5/6, and 1 x sharpening stone)
  • 168-02 Type: 3 x 4R/4L
  • 168-03 Type: 3 x H6/H7
  • 168-04 Type: 3 x 204S
  • 168-06 Type: 1 x sharpening stone
  • 168-08 Type: 3 x LG 1/2, Langer
  • 168-09 Type: 3 x BH 5/6, Barnhart

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