Rodin® InteCem: Intermediate Restorative Material

Rodin® InteCem: Intermediate Restorative Material
Product Details

    The Rodin® InteCem Intermediate Restorative Material is indicated for intermediate restorations intended to remain in place for up to one year.

    This unique material, composed of polymer-reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol, uses the sedative like properties of eugenol to relieve hypersensitive tooth pulp often associated with extensive dental procedures, and functions as a proper thermal insulator for increased patient comfort. Rodin InteCem serves as an ideal base under resin-free cements and restorative materials including amalgam, inlays, and onlays.

    Rodin InteCem has high strength properties similar to zinc phosphate cements, while offering high abrasion resistance, optimal sealing properties, and low solubility for superior and reliable restoration performance.

    Compare to Dentsply Sirona IRM®

    Product Features

    ● Provides sedative like properties for hypersensitive tooth pulp
    ● High strength and abrasion resistance with low solubility
    ● Acts as a proper thermal insulator
    ● Ideal as a base under resin-free restorative materials

    ● Remains in place up to one year

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  • 452201 Type: Rodin InteCem Intermediate Restorative Material Compare to Dentsply IRM
    Qty: 1 x 38g powder and 1 x 14ml Liquid

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