HP Mixing Tips

HP Mixing Tips
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    High performance mixing tips, various available sizes/colors for different mixing needs.




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  • PD-211-25 Type: 1:1. Short w/ Taper End. 25/pk
  • PD-211-50 Type: 1:1. Short w/ Taper End. 50/pk
  • 110351 Type: Blue (orange inside). 25/pk
  • 110352 Type: Blue (orange inside). 50/pk
  • PD-250 Type: 1:1. Yellow. 48/pk
  • PD-250B Type: 1:1. Yellow. 100/pk
  • PD-265 Type: 1:1. Pink. 48/pk
  • PD-255 Type: 1:1. Teal. 48/pk
  • PD-255B Type: 1:1. Teal. 100/pk
  • PD-260 Type: 1:1. Purple. 48/pk
  • PD-131 Type: 30 x Brown mixing tips, 1 : 1 ratio
  • PD-139 Type: 1:1 Brown Mixing Tip, Taper End, 30/pk (shorter than PD-131)
  • PD-155 Type: HP Permanent Cement Tip, Brown mixing tip with black tip, 25/pk
  • PD-156 Type: T-Mixer Permanent Cement brown mixing tip with black mixing element (black tip), 25/pk
  • PD-157 Type: T-Mixer Temporary Cement brown mixing tip for cement 1:1 clear tip, 25/pk
  • PD-158 Type: Core Materials Brown mixing tip with extra fine intra-oral tip, 25/pk
  • PD-159 Type: Core Materials Brown mixing tip with intra-oral tip 25/pk

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