Pac-Cide XT™ Dry Wipes

Pac-Cide XT™ Dry Wipes
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Product Details

    Pac-Cide XT Dry Wipes have been specifically engineered to work with Pac-Cide XT surface disinfectant cleaner - a pharmaceutical grade one-step germ killer that is effective against a broad-spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  When used properly and in combination with Pac-Cide XT surface disinfectant cleaner, these tough non-woven and lint-free wipes can be used to safely disinfect any non-porous hard surface within one minute.

    ● Use with Pac-Cide XT surface disinfectant cleaner
    ● Made from premium non-woven and lint-free fabric
    ● Ultra durable and tear-resistant
    ● Can be used on any non-porous hard surface
    Video: Introduce Pac-Cide XT™ One-Step Disinfectant Family

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  • PCD-180 Kit: Pac-Cide XT dry wipes, 180 wipes, 6.29" x 7.08"

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