Opti-Tray™ Disposable Impression Trays

Opti-Tray™ Disposable Impression Trays
Product Details

    Highly impact-resistant, light blue plastic impression trays. Rigid, distortion-free, and compatible with a wide variety of impression materials. Perforations are designed to enhance consistent flow and retention.

    * Autoclavable impression trays are also available in the same shapes and sizes, items are
    numbered from 430 - 440, respectively.

    Strong, rigid,distortion-free construction
    Anatomically designed
    Smooth edges for comfort
    Excellent retention for impression materials
    Latex-Free cups






  • SKU


  • 411 Type: Large Upper
  • 412 Type: Large Lower
  • 413 Type: Medium Upper
  • 414 Type: Medium Lower
  • 415 Type: Small Upper
  • 416 Type: Small Lower
  • 417 Type: Upper Left/Lower Right
  • 418 Type: Upper Right/Lower Left
  • 419 Type: Anterior Upper
  • 420 Type: Anterior Lower
  • N417 Type: Non-Perforated Upper Left/Lower Right
  • N418 Type: Non-Perforated Upper Right/Lower Left
  • N419 Type: Non-Perforated Upper Anterior Upper
  • N420 Type: Non-Perforated Anterior Lower

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