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    The Autoscaler® has been manufacturing and servicing the highest quality ultrasonic scaler for over 40 years. All of the products are manufactured in the USA using only the best parts.

    The Autoscaler® features include:

    ● 25K and 30K models available
    ● Detachable handpiece assembly that attaches to the front left side of the console
    ● Precision automatic tuning
    ● Water pressure flow regulation to ensure precise delivery of water during procedures
    ● Designed to accept and function efficiently with leading
    ● Manufacturers magnetostrictive insert tips
    ● Available in retrofit build-in style model that is incorporated into the dental chair and operates from the chair main rheostat.

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  • AW25C Type: AUTOSCALER 25k Ultrasonic Scaler 120 VA
  • AW25BI Type: AUTOSCALER 25k Build In- Ultrasonic Scaler 120 VA
  • AW30C Type: AUTOSCALER 30k Ultrasonic Scaler 120 VA
  • AW30BI Type: AUTOSCALER 30k Build In- Ultrasonic Scaler 120 VA

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