PacTemp™ Automix NE with Releasing Agent

PacTemp™ Automix NE with Releasing Agent
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    A non-eugenol resin based temporary cement. Supplied in an easy-to-use automix dual
    barrel syringe with 15 HP mixers. The included releasing agent is specially formulated for
    easy removal of temporary cement.

    The material also comes in a 2-syringe format - Part A (base) and Part B (catalyst) to be
    combined on a mixing pad. When the 2 parts are mixed, the material demonstrates the
    same outstanding characteristics as PacTemp Automix NE.

    ● Biocompatible
    ● Minimal post-sensitivity
    ● Strong bonding
    ● Excellent marginal seal
    ● Exceptionally easy to handle
    ● Thin film thickness
    ● X-ray opacity
    ● Negligible solubility
    ● No interference with cementation
    ● Good reproducibility of working time
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  • PD-130 Size: 1 x 6 g PacTemp™ Automix NE, 15 x brown mixing tips
  • PD-132 Size: 1 x PacTemp™ NE Part A (10 ml), 1 x Part B (10 ml)
  • PD-142 Size: 1 x 3 g releasing agent
  • PD-131 Size: 30 x brown mixing tips, 1:1 ratio

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