Delivery Tips

Delivery Tips
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    ● Brush-padded end

    ● Brush-padded end
    ● Stand-out fibers

    ● Adjustable brush tip fiber length
    ● Tightly fitted fibers for low viscosity  materials

    ● 1169 with no fibers

    ● Pre-bent needle tip
    ● Intraoral connection w/ HP yellow mixers

    Each package contains 100 tips.

    • SKU


    • 125 Type:Pre-bent needle tip w/ brush-padded end, 100/pk
    • 128GY Type:Pre-bent needle tip with HP yellow i/o connection size. green. 100/pk
    • 128GT Type:Pre-bent needle w/ brush-padded end, 100/pk
    • 1357 Type:Pre-bent needle w/ micro brush, 100/pk
    • 1169 Type:Curved black brush tips, 100/pk
    • 1169N Type:Curved black no brush, 100/pk
    • 126 Type:Intraoral tips with cap, 100/pk
    • 126-2 Type:Intraoral tips with snap-off cap, 100/pk
    • 127 Type:Red flow tip with brush end, 100/pk
    • 128 Type:Blue Endo Tip, 100/pk
    • 129 Type:Blue flow tip, 100/pk
    • 1457 Type:Luer-lock endo tip, 100/pk

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