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ImplaKlean™ Implant Deplaquer/Scaler Set

Unique resin material does not scratch implant surfaces

Resharpenable with conventional methods

Comfortable color-coded silicone grips

5 types to satisfy different scaling needs

Optional sharpening stone for optimal resharpening results

Silicone Instrument Grips

Silicone color-coded instrument grips. Unique texture ensures firm gripping while maximizing comfort. Available for #2, #4, and #6 handles. M instrument grips are for #4 and #6 handles; F instrument grips are for #2 and #4 handles. Each box contains 20 grips.

Instrument Code Rings

Silicone color-code rings make it easy to identify instruments at a glance. Color-code instruments for personalization. Compatible with all cleaning, sterilization and disinfection methods.