iFlo™ Delivery Tips

iFlo™ Delivery Tips
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    The iFlo™ Spiral Brush tip is specially designed with an internal spiral channel and ridge for smooth product delivery, while minimizing bubbles with adjustable nylon fibers. Allows for precise control of etchants, resins, bonding agents, and thin viscous materials used in restorative procedures.

    Compare to Vista Spira-Flow™ and Ultradent® Inspiral® Brush Tips 

    ● Soft brush tip
    ● Single Luer-Locking hub
    ● Curved cannula tip
    ● Internal spiral channel


    The iFlo™ Hemo-STAT infusor tip is a specially designed pre-bent 19 Ga. tip with soft bristles for noninvasive brushing and removal of superficial coagulum. Ideal applicator for most solutions, including hemostatic agents.

    Compare to Vista Stat-Flo™ and Ultradent® Metal Dento-Infusor™ Tips

    ● Soft brush tip
    ● Single Luer-Locking hub
    ● Curved cannula tip
    ● Ideal for hemostatic agents


    The iFlo™ EZVisc tip is designed for the smooth delivery of low-viscosity adhesives, etches, sealants, and more. Allows for precise control and easy placement without clogging.

    Compare to Ultradent® Black Mini® Tip

    ● Available with brush tip
    ● Single Luer-Locking hub
    ● Curved cannula tip
    ● Ideal for viscous materials


    The iFlo™ MicroEZ tip is ideal for delivering materials in a variety of viscosities in a thin and uniform layer with stand-out fibers.

    Compare to Ultradent® Black Micro™ FX™ Tips

    ● Stand-out fiber tip
    ● Single Luer-Locking hub
    ● Curved cannula tip
    ● Ideal for PacSeal™ pit & fissure sealant


    The iFlo™ Capillary tip features a 0.019” opening for easy canal evacuation, while significantly minimizing the use of paper points. Designed with strong and flexible taper for curved canals.

    Compare to Ultradent® Capillary Tips

    ● Narrow and flexible tip
    ● Minimizes need for paper points
    ● Double Luer-Locking hub
    ● Available with 45° angle tip


    The iFlo™ BluEze applicator tip is a specially designed blunt-end tip for aeration, canal irrigation, and delivery of impression material.

    Compare to Vista Blue-Flo™ Tips

    ● 23 Ga. opening
    ● 20 mm length
    ● Single Luer-Locking hub
    ● Curved cannula tip


    The iFlo™ Intra-Oral tips are specially designed for precise delivery of a variety of impression materials. Features matching intra-oral caps for precise material control.

    ● Available with standard or snap-off caps
    ● Single Luer-Locking hub
    ● Ideal for impression materials

    • SKU


    • 125 Type: iFlo™ Hemo-STAT Infusor Tip, 100/pk
    • 1357 Type: iFlo™ MicroEZ Tip, 100/pk
    • 1169 Type: iFlo™ EZVisc Tip, With Brush, 100/pk
    • 1169N Type: iFlo™ EZVisc Tip, Without Brush, 100/pk
    • 126 Type: iFlo™ Intra-Oral Tip, With Cap, 100/pk
    • 126-2 Type: iFlo™ Intra-Oral Tip, With Snap-Off Cap, 100/pk
    • 127 Type: iFlo™ Spiral Brush Tip, 100/pk
    • 129 Type: iFlo™ BluEze Applicator Tip, 100/pk
    • 1457 Type: iFlo™ Capillary Tip, 100/pk
    • 1557 Type: iFlo™ Capillary Tip, 45° angle, 100/pk

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