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X-Ray Accessories

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X-Ray Collimator

Reduce up to 79% in radiation exposure to patients

Improve diagnostic quality by drastically reducing scatter radiation & collimating the beam

Reduce or eliminate retakes, thus improving work efficiency

Intuitive and economical

Bite Wing Tabs

Self-adhesive tabs to aid in film positioning when taking X-rays. Can be affixed to film packet, packaged in handy dispenser box which is easy to use and store.

Plastic Pocket X-Ray Film Mounts

Made of durable vinyl material

Clear material allows the entire radiograph to show

Protects against scratching and staining

Digital X-Ray Sensor Sheaths & Barrier Envelopes

Custom-fitted without baggy or wrinkled plastics for clear viewing & placement

Made of soft plastic with no sharp edges for maximum patient comfort

Convenient paper-backing design ensures easy insertion of sensors

100% Latex-Free

ProBlock™ Disposable Bite Blocks

Reduce the potential of cross-contamination

Packaged in individual unit doses