iMask™ Extender Strap

iMask™ Extender Strap
iMask™ Extender Strap
iMask™ Extender Strap
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Product Details

    Completely eliminate ear pressure and discomfort by hooking your masks onto these premium mask extenders instead of your ears. Made from food grade silicone, these extenders will protect your ears and prevent any chafing or pulling that normally occurs during prolonged mask-wearing. Features 3 convenient buckles on each side for fast length and pressure adjustment. iMask Extenders can be washed and sanitized for reuse.

    ● Prevent ear discomfort and fatigue
    ● Adjustable length for customizable comfort
    ● Multiple anti-slip hook buckles
    ● Hypoallergenic and latex-free 


    Please note: Prices may vary depending upon regional differences and individual manufacturers’ policies. Before placing orders, please contact your authorized dealer or email us at for pricing details. All sales of PPE products are final and not eligible for return due to Covid-19. 

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    • MASTK-EXT Type: Face mask extender strap with assorted colors, 10 pcs/pk

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