Trimming & Finishing Burs

Trimming & Finishing Burs
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    A series of premium quality trimming and finishing burs, feature the same outstanding characteristics of FG carbide burs. 7 series are 12-braded, 9 series are 30-braded. Each package contains 10 or 100 pieces.

    Please contact us for complete availability of bur sizes.

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  • TF7xxx-10 Trimming & Finishing Burs:T&F bur 7-series (12-bladed). 10/pk
  • FF9xxx-10 Trimming & Finishing Burs:Fine Finishing bur 9-series (30-bladed). 10/pk
  • TF7xxx Trimming & Finishing Burs:T&F bur No. 7-series (12-bladed). clinic 100/pk
  • FF9xxx Trimming & Finishing Burs:Fine Finishing bur 9-series (30-bladed), clinic 100/pk

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