SensiGuard™ HEMA-based Desensitizing Agent

SensiGuard™  HEMA-based Desensitizing Agent
SensiGuard™  HEMA-based Desensitizing Agent
SensiGuard™  HEMA-based Desensitizing Agent
Product Details

    SensiGuard™, is a groundbreaking antibacterial desensitizer that seals dentin tubules to prevent postoperative sensitivity and significantly reduces the risk of caries formation beneath restorations. In addition to these desensitizing qualities, SensiGuard™ significantly
    enhances bond strength through the rewetting of collagen fibers in the dentin.

    When combined with a dental adhesive such as Rodin® Bond, SensiGuard™ acts as both a desensitizer and a primer. This unique formulation revitalizes collapsed collagen fibers, providing unparalleled monomer penetration, creating exceptional shear bond strength
    and steadfast adhesion to dentin tubules.

    Patient Comfort: Significant reduction of post-operation sensitivity in patients
    Visibility: Distinct yellow tint provides unparalleled visibility during procedures, ensuring precise and controlled application

    Precision: Optimal consistency guarantees accurate placement, giving you the confidence to deliver exceptional results every time
    Anti-Bacterial: Potent antibacterial qualities reduce the chance of caries formation beneath restorations, delivering long-lasting protection for your patients
    Universal Compatibility: Seamless Integration with a wide range of dental adhesives and workflows 
    Efficiency: Save time without sacrificing precision. The flip-top cap design guarantees efficient application while providing a controlled single drop per procedure


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  • 481101 Type:SensiGuard™ Desensitizer 5mL Bottle Refill
  • 481103 Type: SensiGuard™ Desensitizer Unit Dose Refill, 100/pk
  • 481102 Type: Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive Unit Doses, 50 x Rodin™ Bond 0.1 ml Unit Doses, 50 x SensiGuard™ 0.1 ml Unit Doses

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