PropBlock™ Disposable Bite Blocks

PropBlock™ Disposable Bite Blocks
Product Details

    PropBlock™ Disposable Bite Blocks feature a unique non-elastic and firm Styrofoam composition that is gentle on patients but strong enough to avoid deformation.

    PropBlock™ Disposable Bite effectively and comfortably holds size #0, #1, or #2 film for use with the XCP® film positioning system for vertical or horizontal exposures. Convenient scored front easily snaps off for pedo applications and imaging.

    Compare to Dentsply Rinn XCP® Bite Blocks

    Product Features

    ● Firm and non-elastic Styrofoam composition for strength and comfort
    ● Holds size #0, #1, or #2 film for XCP® film positioning system

    ● Convenient scored front snaps off for Pedo patients

  • SKU


  • 131203 Type:PropBlock™ Disposable Bite Block For Rinn's XCP® System For film size 0 1 or 2
    Qty:100 pcs/box

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