Opti-Quad™ Bite Trays

Opti-Quad™ Bite Trays
Product Details

    Opti-Quad™ Bite Trays are rigid metal dual-arch impression trays designed to make distortion-free impressions easier than ever. The specially designed reinforced metal tray is ideal for highly detailed impressions.

    The Opti-Quad tray features an integrated mesh that prevents material loss, while extending to the handle to ensure the accurate impression of up to four teeth. Each impression tray features low sidewalls, a thinner distal bar, and an adjustable arch to match any arch size. Available in posterior, extra-long posterior, and anterior variations.

    Compare to Quad-Tray™

    Product Features

    Rigid metal design prevents distortion
    Features low sidewalls and wider arch
    Customizable arch to match every patient
    Large handle for effortless handling

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  • 631101 Type: Opti-Quad™ Full Quadrant Dual Arch Metal Reinforced Bite Tray
    Qty: 50/box

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