SureTight™ Air/Water Syringe Tip

SureTight™ Air/Water Syringe Tip
Product Details

    SureTight air/water syringe tips feature a unique interlocking system that guarantees a new and secure seal with every new tip. Includes a single water channel with 5 separate air channels that ensures perfect separation of air and water to prevent mixing.

    Compared to Kerr Seal-Tight®

    ● Guarantees new and secure seal every time without hassle
    ● Strong enough for easy cheek and tongue retraction
    ● Five air-core design for even air flow and increased efficiency
    ● Rounded tip for extra patient comfort

  • SKU


  • 109-200W Type: SureTight White/w Yellow Core, 200/pk
  • 109-1500W Type: SureTight White/w Yellow Core, 1500/pk
  • 109-200AST Type: SureTight Colors, 200/pk
  • 109-1500AST Type: SureTight Colors, 1500/pk
  • 541101 Type: SureTight Clear, 200/pk
  • 541102 Type:SureTight Clear, 1500/pk

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