ProPaste™ Prophy Paste

ProPaste™ Prophy Paste
Product Details

    A gluten-free prophy paste with a non-splatter formula! Conveniently packaged into 2 gm unit-doses with an easy to dispense box. Exceptional polishing and stain-removal ability, with fluoride release. Great taste and easy rinse-off.

    Each order comes with 200 unit-doses of paste, 2 autoclavable prophy rings and a ProAngle sample

    ● Non-splatter
    ● Fluoride-releasing




  • SKU


  • 260-200 Flavor: Coarse Mint
  • 262-200 Flavor: Coarse Cherry
  • 264-200 Flavor: Coarse Assorted
  • 266-200 Flavor: Fine Bubble Gum
  • 270-200 Flavor: Coarse Grape
  • 261-200 Flavor: Medium Mint
  • 263-200 Flavor: Medium Cherry
  • 265-200 Flavor: Medium Assorted
  • 268-200 Flavor: Medium Strawberry

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