ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece

ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece
Product Details

    Reduce fatigue and daily trauma on the hand, and arm muscles with our new ProMate
    hygiene handpiece. The lightweight ergonomic design minimizes vibration and chatter. The textured silicone grip and contoured shape provide superior comfort and non-slip control.

    Easily maintained by autoclaving the entire handpiece with the grip, or replace the grip for color coding and personalization. Use with your favorite Pac-Dent disposable prophy angle and see the difference! Grip colors are available in blue, green, lavender, and rose.

    ● Ergonomic lightweight design for superior comfort
    ● Swivel back end connection for less drag and arm fatigue
    ● Soft non-slip grips increase tactile sensitivity and reduce daily hand trauma
    ● Works with all standard disposable prophy angles
    ● Fully autoclavable
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  • HH-100 Type: 1 X Complete ProMate™ Hygiene Handpiece unit
  • HH-101G Type: 10 X Green replacement silicon grips
  • HH-101B Type: 10 X Blue replacement silicon grips
  • HH-101L Type: 10 X Lavender replacement silicon grips
  • HH-103 Type: 5 X Stem o-ring for ProMate motor
  • HH-102 Type: 1 X Hygiene handpiece nosecone

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