Pre-Bent Needle Tips

Pre-Bent Needle Tips
Product Details

    Disposable, blunt end pre-bent needle tips for use with etchants, resins and flowable composites. Available in 5 sizes/colors: 18, 20 Ga.yellow, 20, 22 Ga.gray and 25 Each package contains 100 needle tips.

    *Also available for private labeling in custom colors and different sizes upon request.



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  • 227 Type: 18 Ga, Liner, Pink, 100/pk
  • 228 Type: 20 Ga, Flow-sealant, Yellow, 100/pk
  • 229 Type: 20 Ga, Flow, Black, 100/pk
  • 230 Type: 22 Ga, Sealant-cement, Gray, 100/pk
  • 231 Type: 25 Ga, Etch, Blue, 100/pk

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