PacRoot™ Root Canal Sealer

PacRoot™ Root Canal Sealer
Product Details

    PacRoot is an outstanding Zinc Oxide Eugenol root canal sealer with exceptional bonding properties to composite and resin materials. With trouble free mixing, PacRoot mixes perfectly every time right at your fingertips with the automix syringe tips and easily dispenses the proper amount without any waste of material. Simple and convenient, PacRoot’s combination of automixing fill technique and setting period of 10 minutes or
    less minimizes the time required for obturation.

    ● Ready to use, thoroughly seals the canal
    ● Perfect mix every time with the automix delivery tip
    ● Set in 10 minutes or less, ideally for gutta-percha points to harden
    ● Radiopaque for clear x-ray analysis
    ● Effective obturation in less time










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  • RCS-01 Type: PacRoot™ Root Canal Sealer
  • PD-131 Type: 30 X Brown mixing tips 1:1 ratio

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