PacFil™ Verifiers, 6/pk

PacFil™ Verifiers, 6/pk
Product Details

    PacFil verifiers are used prior to obturation to ensure there are adequate space and passive fit for the flowable gutta percha and obturator core.

    ● Match obturators to confirm accurate sizing
    ● Available in sizes 20-50
    ● Calibration rings for setting the accurate working length
    ● Made of polycarbonate
    ● Pack of six







  • SKU


  • PV-20 Type: #20
  • PV-25 Type: #25
  • PV-30 Type: #30
  • PV-35 Type: #35
  • PV-40 Type: #40
  • PV-45 Type: #45
  • PV-50 Type: #50

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