PacEndo™ Endodontic Irrigation Station

PacEndo™ Endodontic Irrigation Station
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    The PacEndo Irrigation Refill Station is a handy device that is always ready to fill syringes within seconds. No more filling a beaker with solutions and leaving them out in the air, light, and heat, then disposing of the excess. The PacEndo Irrigation Refill Station provides a neat, no drip and no splatter way to fill the system??s color-coded syringes. When filling even the messiest solutions, such as sodium hypochlorite, the irrigation system helps to prevent counter, carpet and scrub damage.

    ● Simple and convenient way to fill syringes with multiple solutions
    ● Easily manage different solutions
    ● Easy way to organize and identify syringes




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  • PE-STA Type: PacEndo™ Irrigation Refill Station, 1 unit

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