Luer-Lock Endo Irrigation Syringes

Luer-Lock Endo Irrigation Syringes
Product Details

    Ideal for surgical site irrigation. Compatible with all luer style needles and hubs. Disposable, non-sterile. Not for injection. Available in 5 sizes: 1.2cc, 3cc, 6cc, 12cc, and 20cc. Packages come in 50 or 100 syringes.

    *Also available in different colors for OEM

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  • 310W Type: 1.2 CC syringe w/caps, white, 100/pk
  • 310B Type: 1.2 CC syringe w/caps, black, 100/pk
  • 240 Type: 3 CC, 100/pk
  • 240BK Type: 3 CC, black w/ easy-twist cap, 100/pk
  • 241 Type: 6 CC, 50/pk
  • 242 Type: 12 CC, 100/pk
  • 243 Type: 20 CC, 50/pk

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