iMix® Static/Dynamic Mixer

iMix® Static/Dynamic Mixer
Product Details

    The patented static/dynamic mixer is designed to combine the advantages of static and dynamic mixing in order to reduce bubbles normally caused by dynamic fast mixing of impression materials.

    ● Designed for 3M’s Pentamix™ 2 and 3
    ● No bleeding necessary, eliminating material waste
    ● Reduce bubbles and save materials
    ● Compatible with most dynamic mix cartridges

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  • PD-105 Type: Red. 50/pk
  • PD-118G Type: Green. 50/pk
  • PD-118R Type: 380 ml cartridge bayonet ring, Yellow, 2/pk
  • PD-118T Type: Yellow, 50/pk, w/ 2 locking rings

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