iBrite® LED Teeth Whitening System

iBrite® LED Teeth Whitening System
Product Details
    ● 6 ~ 10 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour
    ● Unique color correction function
    ● Specially designed for dental clinics
    ● Combines LED polymerization, light activation and color-correction technologies
    ● State-of-the-art LED technology

    ● Ergonomic stand design and intuitive controls
    ● Works well for both gel and powder-liquid based tooth whitening methods


  • SKU


  • IB-888 Style:iBrite® LED bleaching unit, V3
  • IB-888RAMH Style:iBrite® V3 replacement arm and head piece
  • IB-888MPC Style:iBrite® V3 disposable silicone mouth piece cone, 5/pk
  • IB-888ARM Style:iBrite® V3 replacement arm
  • IB-888HP Style:iBrite® V3 replacement head piece

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