FUNimal™ Disposable Prophy Angle

FUNimal™ Disposable Prophy Angle
Product Details

    Built on the critically acclaimed ProAngle Plus, the FUNimals Disposable Prophy Angles are the newest addition to the line of high-quality Pac-Dent DPAs. These fun angles will reduce your young patients’ anxiety while offering optimal performance.

    Includes 4 FUNimal friends:

    Alex the Alligator

    Peter the Panda

    Dora the Dolphin

    Pinky the Pig

    ● Latex-free cups
    ● Cup designed for maximum splatter control
    ● 2nd Gen. reinforced gears
    ● Better flares for improved subgingival access

  • SKU


  • 167-100P Type: FUNimals Pedo DPA, Pedo soft cup, Assorted,
    Qty: 100/box
  • 167-100R Type: FUNimals Pedo DPA, Regular soft cup, Assorted
    Qty: 100/box

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