Endo Aid Kit & Refills

Endo Aid Kit & Refills
Product Details

    One-finger-held autoclavable organizer gives dental clinicians complete control over endodontic files. Each kit contains 1 organizer with integrated ruler, 2 rings to fit all finger sizes and 50 disposable triangular foam refills.

    ● Made of autoclavable materials
    ● One-finger-held organizer with ruler ensures convenience
    ● Effectively organizes endodontic files

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  • 802 Kit: Endo aid kit: 1 X finger-hold organizer 50 X disposable foam
  • 803R Kit: Endo organizer only
  • 803 Kit: 50 x Gray color triangular foam refill
  • 803T Kit: 50 x Green color triangular foam refill
  • 804 Kit: 50 x Gray color rectangular foam refill
  • 803L Kit: 50 x Lavender color triangular foam refill

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