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iBrite® Automix Gel-Type Tooth Whitening System

A No-Refrigeration Hydrogen Peroxide-based Chairside Tooth Whitening Kit

iBrite® LED Tooth Whitening System

6 ~ 10 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour

Unique Color Correction Function

Specially designed for dental clinics

Combines LED polymerization, light activation & color-correction technologies

State-of-the-art LED Technology

Ergonomic stand design & intuitive controls

Works well for both gel & powder-liquid based tooth whitening methods

iBrite® Portable LED Tooth Whitening System

6 ~ 8 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour

Can be operated by the patient him/herself

Specially designed for spas / salons

Offers a wide range of motion

State-of-the-art LED Technology

Countdown timer easily visible to the patient

Sleek design, available in 2 types: wheelbase and tabletop

Simple assembly

Kool White™ Office-Assisted Take-Home Kit

Improved formula for prolonged whitening activation duration

Unique thickening agent allows for better handling

Specially formulated for minimal sensitivity

Guaranteed results in 2 weeks

Custom-made application tooth tray

Pleasant mint flavor

iBrite® Teeth Whitening TOGO Pen

Highly effective 9% Hydrogen Peroxide gel for quick results

Mint flavored for fresher breath

Easy brush-on applicator without trays, strips, or rinsing

Instantly dissolve stains on teeth

iBrite® Gel-Type Take-Home Kit

No need for custom fabricated tooth trays

Prolonged activation time

Guaranteed results in 2 weeks or less

Dual- barrel gel formulated to reduce hypersensitivity and strengthen teeth enamel

iBrite® Tooth Whitening Pen + Remi™ Desensitizing Aftercare Paste

Unique whitening gel hydrates and desensitizes for optimal user comfort

Remi is a saliva-activated paste that effectively speeds up desensitization and remineralization process

Includes a lip retractor that maximizes comfort and ensures whitening efficacy

Guaranteed results in 2 weeks or less

Remi™ Desensitizing Aftercare Paste Pen

Relieves sensitivity

Prevents caries and gingivitis

Remineralizes and rebuilds enamel without irritation

Repairs white spot lesions from whitening treatment or orthodontic treatment