TopGel™ Topical Anesthetic Gel

TopGel™ Topical Anesthetic Gel
Product Details

    Formulated with 20% benzocaine and superior flavorings, TopGel acts fast, is very effective, features a pleasant taste during usage, and leaves no bitter aftertaste. Five different flavors available in 1 oz. jars.

    ● Quick onset: 15 – 20 seconds
    ● 20% Benzocaine formula for instant short-term pain relief
    ● Superior quality, not gritty or runny for easy and direct applications
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  • TG-203 Flavor: Cherry flavor
  • TG-204 Flavor: Cool mint flavor
  • TG-216 Flavor: Pina colada flavor
  • TG-219 Flavor: Strawberry flavor

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