Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser

Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser
Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser
Product Details

    This premium stainless steel wipe dispenser helps keep hand wipes accessible in any environment.  Made with 201-rated stainless steel to provide high rust resistance and durability.  The soft bottom stopper helps prevent scrapping and protect flooring.  Features a stylish and compact design that ensures convenient placement both in and outdoors.  

    ● Quick and easy refill and service
    ● Non-magnetic and high rust resistance
    ● Compact design that compliments any environment



    Please note: Prices may vary depending upon regional differences and individual manufacturers’ policies. Before placing orders, please contact your authorized dealer or email us at for pricing details. All sales of PPE products are final and not eligible for return due to Covid-19. 

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