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Small Equipment

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iBrite® Deplaquer / Polisher

Cleans better than brushing and flossing alone

Effective removal of tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, and other stains

Immediate results

Included paste contains fluoride for cavity prevention

ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece

Ergonomic lightweight design for superior comfort

Swivel back end connection for less drag and arm fatigue

Soft non-slip grips increase tactile sensitivity and reducedaily hand trauma

Works with all standard disposable prophy angles

Fully autoclavable

ProMate™ E Portable Hygiene Handpiece

Cordless, portable, and rechargeable

Consistent, powerful torque delivery

Fully autoclavable and lightweight

Variable speed between 2,000 and 20,000 rpm

Textured silicon grip reduces vibration and chatter for enhanced comfort & non-slip control

Interchangeable autoclavable grips allow color-coding, personalization & easy maintenance

Works with all standard disposable prophy angles on the market

ProLase™ Soft Tissue Diode Laser

3 Watt laser diode provides enough peak power while offering better efficiency & faster healing

Reduction of heat results in lower pain sensation for patients before and after treatment

Large color touch screen display

Reduces thermal stress and virtually eliminates tissue charring, ensuring minimal post operative discomfort

Less treatment time for patient

iCure™ Cordless LED Curing Ligh

1,400+ mW/cm² high-intensity output

3 Pre-programmed working modes: fast, ramp, pulse, etc.

Designed to reach hard-to-cure spots

Built-in radiometer

Light guide can be rotated 360º

20,000 hours of LED lifetime

Slim, lightweight, and cordless

Radiometer incorporated in stand

Super-capacity Lithium-Ion battery, lasts 100 min per full charge

Suitable for all major resins brands

Programmable timer

RootPro™ Wireless Endo Motor with Apex Locator

Automatic calibration ensures accuracy & eliminates the effect of changes in temperature and moisture

Prepares root canals while displaying accurate & precise measurements of the root canal

Many automatic safety control options:
- Auto Motor Start/Stop
- Auto Torque Reverse
- Auto Apical Reverse

Adjustable RPM between 100 and 650

Torque can be set between 0.6 to 5.2 N.cm

ProMate™ Lube-Free Hygiene Handpiece

Lube free motor for no maintenance

Compatible with nearly all disposable prophy angles

Extremely quiet, minimizing patient anxiety

360 Degree Swivel

Friction grip chuck

Lightweight 2-oz.

ProMate™ LF Hygiene Prophy Handpiece

Lube free motor requiring no maintenance

Compatible with nearly all disposable prophy angles

Extremely quiet, minimizing patient anxiety

360o swivel

Lightweight 2oz

Made in Japan

2-Year Warranty