ProSense™ Infrared Thermometer & Cleaning Kit

ProSense™ Infrared Thermometer & Cleaning Kit
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    This convenient kit includes ProSense non-contact infrared thermometer and everything needed to keep it clean and free from contamination. Use the included ProGuard Dry Wipes with ProGuard 80% Hand Sanitizer Spray to easily and quickly sanitize the thermometer after use. This kit is ideal for environments where high frequency readings occur or in situations where antisepsis is critical. 

    ● Includes non-contact infrared thermometer and sanitizing supplies
    ● FDA and CDC approved 80% ethyl alcohol formulation made from all USP grade ingredients for fast-acting antimicrobial potency
    ● Premium non-woven dry wipes are lint-free, ultra-absorbent, and leave no residue

    ● Quickly clean and decontaminate the thermometer between each use for high-frequency readings
    ● Perfect for users who require strict infection control such as infants, seniors, and those who are immunocompromised 

    ProSense™ Infrared Thermometer & Cleaning Kit Contents:
    ● ProSense™ Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Value Pack
    ● ProGuard™ Dry Wipes, 50pc/box
    ● ProGuard™ 80% Hand Sanitizer Spray, 4 oz

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    • TMO-INTRO Type: ProSense Infrated Thermometer & Cleaning Kit, 1 unit of thermometer, 1 bottle of 4 oz 80% alcohol sanitizer spray, 1 box of 50 pcs 4 x 4 dry wipes, 1 pack of 25 pcs thermometer barrier sleeves

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