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Pac Dent Mighty Mini 90™ & Mighty Mini Ergo™ Disposable Prophy Angle Smooth-running, quiet beveled gear design. The smaller powerful head for increased visibility and.. Product #: Sterile Mini based on 5 reviews In Stock

Mighty Mini 90™ & Mighty Mini Ergo™ Disposable Prophy Angle

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Mini™ 90 & Mini™ Ergo Disposable Prophy Angle :
90 degree DPA, soft cup gray, sterile, 144/pack
90 degree DPA, firm cup white, sterile, 144/pack
90 degree DPA, soft cup gray, sterile, 500/pack
90 degree DPA, soft cup gray, non-sterile, 144/pack
Contra angle DPA, soft cup gray, sterile, 144/pack
Contra angle DPA, firm cup white, sterile 144/pack
Contra angle DPA, soft cup gray, sterile, 500/pack

Product Details

The new Mighty Mini 90™ and Mini Ergo™ disposable prophy angles are the smallest and most powerful compact angles on the market. With small head and the slimmest profile, these Disposable Prophy Angles not only provide the feeling of increased visibility with slightly less vibration but also better access to posterior areas.

With its patented beveled gear design, the angles run smoothly and quietly. The ribbing on the external surface and the excellent flare of the cup make subgingival, lingual and interproximal access much easier and more efficient.

The enhanced improved access, increased visibility, and mighty performance make these angles the best choice for Dental Hygienists.

Smooth-running, quiet beveled gear design.

The smaller powerful head for increased visibility and improved access.

Improved flare for better subgingival access.

Ergonomic shape reduces hand and arm micro-traumas.

100 latex free.

Cabrillo student on 10-17-2016 07:15 PM
This angle has superior performance while also being sterile!

Linda C. Uhl, RDH on 07-21-2016 10:57 PM
The Sterile mini 90 soft cup angle has superior handling and great visibility. The angle has minimal splattering which is especially appreciated as a clinician when bleeding is present.

The Sterile mini ergo angle has excellent handling. The slimmer neck is great for better visibility. The soft pliable ribbed cup gives the clinician better coverage of the tooth surface as well as minimal splatter.

This pedo prophy angle provided great handling and control. The cup size was perfect for pedo dentition and efficient plaque removal.

All of these angles being latex free as well as being in sterile packs sets them apart from the disposable angles I have used as a clinician. I am sure that clinicians will be very impressed with the level of infection control these angles will bring to their practice.
Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH on 09-24-2016 01:19 PM
This makes so much sense! Why put an un-sterilzed prophy angle in your patient's mouths when you don't have to? Thank you Pac-Dent for safely sterilizing these for our patients without adding a premium to the pricing! The Sterile Mini 90 is my favorite. So ergonomic, very accessible for hard to reach areas and totally reliable. Not sure why all companies don't follow your example!
Lisa on 09-30-2016 09:56 PM
Pac-Dent's booth at Sacramento Valey Dental Hygienists Association CE meeting.

Anthony Gallegos,DDS,MAGD on 05-08-2017 07:21 PM
The sterile mini prophy angle is one of those everyday items in a dental practice that is light years ahead of every other prophy angle. Being 35% smaller, it is more accessible in those tight areas of the mouth, The internal design and construction insures a smooth running and nearly silent operation. The web decision of the prophy cup provides for less splatter and most of all it is "sterile". I thought all prophy angles were sterile, however, my assumptions as well as my colleagues was incorrect. Pathogens were colonized from other individually-package prophy angles. Explaining this simple benefit to a practice's patients is a great internal marketing point that can show how an office cares about its patients. Top it off with the fact that this prophy angle is substantially less expensive than what's out there and you have a real reason to switch to the "Sterile Mini".
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