iWear™ Plus Disposable Eyewear

iWear™ Plus Disposable Eyewear
iWear™ Plus Disposable Eyewear
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Product Details

    iWear Plus is our standard disposable protective eyewear solution. This exceptionally comfortable eyewear features a lightweight frame and grooved legs that prevent slippage and minimize movement. Anti-fog coating provides superior optical clarity even in wet or steamy environments.

    ● Lightweight frame with grooved legs provides increased user comfort
    ● Fog-resistant lens coasting ensures optical clarity in humid environments
    ● Fits over glasses
    ● Easy to assemble





    Please note: Prices may vary depending upon regional differences and individual manufacturers’ policies. Before placing orders, please contact your authorized dealer or email us at info@pac-dent.com for pricing details. All sales of PPE products are final and not eligible for return due to Covid-19. 

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    • G1020 Type: 10 x Frames with assorted colors
    • G005 Type: 50 x Clear lenses and 50 x frames with assorted colors
    • G100 Type: 100 x Clear lenses
    • G006 Type: 10 x Bonding lens for curing orange color

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